Siena 2013 Poll: 59 Percent of New Yorkers Support Public Financing

The first poll of 2013 conducted by the Siena Research Institute shows overwhelming support for public financing and donor disclosure.

When asked if they support “creating a system of public campaign financing in New York that would limit the size of political contributions to candidates and use state money to match smaller contributions made to candidates for state offices,” 59 percent answered in the affirmative. A large majority across all of New York, from Upstate down to New York City, supported the concept.

With respect to requiring the public disclosure of all political contributions greater than $500, 79 percent were in favor of the initiative, including 77 percent of Republicans and 79 percent of Independents. The enthusiasm for campaign finance reform was consistent across all regions, political ideologies and racial categories.

Survey results from Siena are available here.

The detailed press release from Siena can also be found below.

Siena Research Institute Release January 17, 2013

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