March, 2013 Siena Poll: 61 Percent of New Yorkers Support Small Donor Public Matching Funds

A significant majority of New Yorkers favor citizen-funded elections, according to a new Siena College poll. In response to the question “Do you support or oppose creating a system of public campaign financing in New York that would limit the size of political contributions to candidates and use state money to match smaller contributions made to candidates for state offices?,” 61 percent of registered voters replied that they support the idea.
The figure is a slight increase from January of this year when 59 percent were behind the initiative. According to Siena pollster Steve Greenberg, “two-thirds of Democrats, 60 percent of independents and a plurality of Republicans [are] behind it.” Sixty-nine percent of New York City residents, 56 percent of suburbanites and 56 percent of Upstate voters are in favor of the reforms.
Jonathan Soros, chief executive officer of JS Capital Management, said the poll shows that New Yorkers want the state to implement a public campaign financing system. With respect to the Governor’s proposal, he stated that “Cuomo has recognized this problem and has identified the solution.”

Survey results from Siena are available here.

The detailed press release from Siena can also be found below

Siena Research Institute Release March 11, 2013

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