The New York Times: Corruption in Albany [Editorial]

Corruption in Albany

The New York Times

May 6, 2013

For all the talk among Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other leaders about cleaning up New York’s rancid state government, it is the F.B.I. that is doing the cleaning — indictment by indictment. State Senator John Sampson is the latest Albany politician to face corruption charges. On Monday, he was taken into custody by federal agents on charges of embezzling about $440,000 from the sale of foreclosed properties, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

Mr. Sampson, who pleaded not guilty, is the former leader of the Democratic caucus in the Senate, a big catch for prosecutors and another huge embarrassment for New Yorkers. He also becomes the 32nd state politician to be indicted or convicted of a crime, censured or otherwise accused of misbehaving in the last seven years. Alan Hevesi, the former state comptroller, went to jail as part of a pension scandal. Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigned in disgrace. Nearly two dozen state senators and Assembly members have been accused and convicted. Assemblyman Vito Lopez, once the Democratic power broker in Brooklyn, was censured for harassing young women on his staff.



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