Global Strategy Group/Mercury Public Affairs Poll: 74 Percent of Likely Voters in New York Support Comprehensive Reform Including Matching Small Donations

According to a public opinion poll by the Global Strategy Group and Mercury Public Affairs, commissioned on behalf of the New York Friends of Democracy, overwhelming support exists for campaign finance reform, including small donor matching funds, among New Yorkers of all stripes.

Fully 97% of voters say it is important for state leaders to address “reducing the influence of money in politics and ending corruption,” including 50% who say it is extremely important and another 39% who say it is very important.

Overall, 74 percent of likely voters in New York support comprehensive reform including matching small donations with public funds.

The support remains steady by broad margins across various demographics, including geographic region and political party affiliation among others. Approximately 78 percent of Upstate New Yorkers, 70 percent of New York City residents and 72 percent of suburban dwellers support the proposal. In spite of partisan affiliations, 68 percent of Republicans, 80 percent of Independents/Blanks, and 75 percent of Democrats stand behind campaign finance reform.

The memo on the poll is available here, and below:

NY Friends of Democracy May 6, 2013 Poll

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