NY LEAD Puts Pressure on IDC

Fair Elections Advocates Put Pressure On IDC

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Michael Gareth Johnson

June 10, 2013

With just two weeks left in the legislative session Fair Elections advocates are stepping up the pressure on the Independent Democratic Conference.

Today the coalition, which includes Facebook founder Chris Hughes, former Rep. Harold Ford Jr., former New Jersey U.S. Sen. Bill Bradley and many others, fired off a sharply worded letter to IDC Leader Jeff Klein and the other three members, saying their coalition will be remembered for “obstructing good legislation and enabling partisan gridlock above all else.”

Here’s an excerpt from the letter.

“The Governor said that your coalition will either ‘wind up being a facilitator of transparency and progressive politics or an enabler of more obfuscation.’ With only two weeks left in the legislative session, we are concerned it may be the latter.”

Under the coalition agreement Klein struck with Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos, both leaders have to agree to bring a bill to the floor. Skelos and his Senate Republican Conference have been vocally opposed to public funding of campaign finance reform, arguing that the New York City system that provides 6-to-1 matching funds encourages more corruption than it prevents. The Republicans also say the state can’t afford to pay for campaigns when its already cash strapped.

IDC Letter 061013

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