Call for Vote on Campaign Finance Reform

The Citizen
Robert Harding
June 18, 2013 

New York-based good government and progressive groups, along with several national groups, sent a letter Tuesday to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders urging them to pass campaign finance reform before the end of the legislative session.

The groups support campaign finance reform legislation that includes public matching funds for contributions.

The letter comes nearly one week after Cuomo introduced his anti-corruption and campaign finance reform package. His proposal includes limits on contributions, tougher disclosure requirements and a public campaign financing system.

More than 100 groups from 39 states and nine national groups signed the letter.

“These 124 organizations in more than three dozen states are looking for New York to show leadership on campaign reform,” Public Campaign vice president for outreach and operations Betty Ahrens said in a statement. “The Time is running out for Gov. Cuomo and the legislature to take action on Fair Elections—they shouldn’t pass up the opportunity.”

There are only a few days left in the legislative session. The session is scheduled to end Thursday.

Along with the letter, two national progressive groups — the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Progressives United — sent emails to their respective lists this morning asking their New York members to contact Senate co-leader Jeff Klein and urge a vote on campaign finance reform legislation.

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