State Public Financing Would Reduce Role of Big Money in NY Elections (Op-Ed)

Recent amendments to New York City’s small donor public financing system have helped give small donors an even more significant role in politics, writes Amy Loprest, Executive Director of the New York City Campaign Finance Board.  The city’s system, which provides participating candidates with an $8-to-$1 match on small dollar contributions, “brings more New Yorkers into the political process as candidates, contributors, and voters, while reducing the role of big money in politics,” explains Loprest. The Commissioners of the New York Public Campaign Financing Commission should look to New York City as a model as they undertake their task of creating such a system for state elections.   “Most New Yorkers,” Loprest notes, “would welcome a greater role for voters and a reduced role for special interests in state elections too.” 

Source: Norwood News

Date: August 3, 2019

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