New York needs comprehensive campaign finance reform more than ever, to restore the public’s trust in honest, open, and efficient government. A small donor match system will put the needs of real voters — the business owners and workers who drive New York’s economy — back on the agenda.

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Don’t Let Party Hacks Hijack Election Reform (Editorial)

As the members of the Public Campaign Financing Commission design a system of public financing for New York State elections, the New York Times editorial board weighs in. The board urges the Commission to look to New York City’s successful public financing program as their model. The City’s program matches contributions from residents across the city – not just those living in district – and is administered by the nonpartisan and independent Campaign Finance Board. This is a rare opportunity for real reform in Albany, writes the editorial board, and it should not be squandered Source: New York Times Date: November 7, 2019 See full story here.

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Shake up the status quo, make NY elections fair (Op-Ed)

Jessica Wisneski, Co-Executive Director of Citizen Action New York, encourages the New York State Public Campaign Financing Commission to deliver a “model” public financing program. Wisneski outlines several critical policy elements: a multiple match on small donations, lower contribution limits, and fully funded agency responsible for overseeing the program. She concludes, “New York has an opportunity to lead the nation in putting voters, not donors in the driver’s seat. The time has finally come, we must get it right.” Source: Times Herald-Record Date: November 3, 2019 See full story here.

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A good cause, corrupted (Editorial)

The Albany Times Union editorial board urges the commissioners to focus on designing a small donor public financing program and not get caught up in the debate around fusion voting. Source: Albany Times Union Date: November 2, 2019 See full story here.

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Latest National News

DC’s Fair Elections program exists because voters are sick and tired of council corruption (Op-Ed)

Candidate for DC City Council Ward 4, Janeese Lewis George, is participating in the city’s new public financing program for the 2020 cycle. George praises the system for its promise of allowing everyday people to run for office and diminishing the influence of special interests on government decisions. She recalls the words of one supporter, who gave her $5 and said, “I know it’s not much, but I’m a tipped worker and this is what I can afford. … I am so excited about your campaign. We need someone who cares about people like me.” Source: DC Line Date: November 6, 2019 See full story here.

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Next Election Season San Francisco May See More Grassroots Fundraising (Audio)

District 4 Supervisor Gordon Mar says the recent enhancements to San Francisco’s public financing program will encourage candidates to run for office with grassroots support. This reform was desperately needed: the 2018 special election for mayor and five Board of Supervisor seats was the most expensive election cycle in city history, dominated by independent expenditures.  The changes – including a higher match on smaller amounts and an increase in expenditure limits – will better help candidates compete while focusing on small donors. Source: KALW Date: November 5, 2019 See full story here.

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