New York needs comprehensive campaign finance reform more than ever, to restore the public’s trust in honest, open, and efficient government. A small donor match system will put the needs of real voters — the business owners and workers who drive New York’s economy — back on the agenda.

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New York lawmakers return to Albany for 2020 legislative session with big plans and $6 billion budget hole

As the 2020 legislative session begins in New York, the Daily News reports on the issues on the agenda in Albany. The majorities in both houses will likely “build on voting and election reforms enacted last year” in the new session, which the News notes could include a response to the recommendations  that the Public Campaign Financing Commission issued in December. Source: New York Daily News Date: January 5, 2020 See full story here.

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Latest National News

Public campaign financing in 2018 reduced influence of large donors, report shows

Maplight released a report on the impact of public financing on Berkeley’s most recent local elections. The report found that the city’s Fair Elections program had a profound impact on who ran, who contributed, and how campaigns communicated with potential constituents. The share of campaign funds that came from donors outside of Berkeley dropped and small contributions increased. One City Council candidate shared, “I ran once under the regular financing system and once under public financing. And what that meant to me in the second round was that I was able to talk to voters a lot more. I didn’t have to talk to them about raising money, I got to talk to them about ideas.” Source: Berkeleyside Date: December 19, 2019 See full story here.

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Baltimore ready to join the movement for public election financing

On Monday, the Baltimore City Council passed legislation to create a public financing program for local elections. Unless the mayor rejects the bill – a reportedly unlikely scenario – the program will go into effect for the 2024 municipal campaigns. Under the legislation, candidates will receive a match on small-dollar contributions in exchange for rejecting contributions from PACs, corporations, unions, and individual contributions greater than $150. Source: Fulcrum Date: December 4, 2019 See full story here.

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Grassroots Money Beats Amazon in Seattle

In Seattle’s most recent city council elections, Amazon spent a total of $1.5 million. Despite inundating the elections with corporate cash, Amazon and other Chamber of Commerce donors failed to meet their objective. Instead, grassroots candidates who relied on small donors and the city’s public financing program succeeded. According to the authors, the voucher system provided participating candidates with “an early bedrock of support” and “had a mobilizing side effect.” Source: The American Prospect Date: November 15, 2019 See full story here.

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