Michael J. Petro Explains Why Business Community Supports Reform

At a recent Brennan Center event, panelists offered a variety of valuable perspectives on the urgent need for New York State to adopt public financing and comprehensive campaign finance reform.

Michael J. Petro, Executive Vice President of the Committee for Economic Development, described the widespread business support for public financing and campaign finance reform.  (Petro’s colleague at the Committee, Charlie Kolb, is a member of NY LEAD).

Petro explained how public financing promotes competition, and allows elected officials to focus on good public policy — which is good for the economy, and good for business.

Many constituencies are fighting for public campaign financing in New York State. The panelists that joined Petro at the Brennan Center event added their voices to a chorus of citizens that includes leaders from New York’s civil rights, business, labor, religious, academic, and reform communities. As they forcefully concluded, it is time for the legislature to act.

For the Brennan Center’s full recap of the panel, click here.


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