Cuomo at Business Luncheon: Raising Money is “Very Unpleasant”

Cuomo: raising money is “very unpleasant”

The Buffalo News

Tom Precious

March 8, 2013

ALBANY – With his re-election campaign fund nearing a $23 million balance, Gov. Andrew Cuomo took to the road Friday to promote efforts to limit donations to politicians and to enact a taxpayer-funded campaign finance system.

Asked by reporters after a Manhattan speech on the topic if he saw a disconnect between his muscle fundraising and calls for reforms, Cuomo said, “The least favorite part of my job is the fundraising part.”

“But until the rules are changed, I don’t have an alternative … I’m not independently wealthy, so I can’t self-finance,’’ Cuomo said, suggesting a concern he has about facing a multi-millionaire candidate next year during the 2014 race or one financed by a deep-pocket independent expenditure group.

Democrats and Republicans in the Legislature have privately floated the idea for months that Cuomo’s full-court press for a campaign finance system change would end up helping him next year by placing possible fundraising limits on any potential opponent he might face.

“Raising money is very hard. It’s very unpleasant on a personal level. It takes a lot of time and most politicians who have to deal with the system would be the first to say they want to change it,’’ Cuomo said.

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