May, 2013 Siena Poll: 57 Percent of New Yorkers Favor Public Financing

A new research poll by Siena shows that New York residents across the state express strong support for the public financing of elections.  Approximately 57 percent of survey respondents indicated that they support creating a system that would limit the size of political contributions to state candidates and match small donations to public funds. This is the twelfth poll conducted since 2010 that demonstrates strong voter demand for the idea.

Support cuts across ideological lines and geographic regions, with 64 percent of liberal, 57 percent of moderate, and 52 percent of conservative voters, as well as 60 percent of New York City dwellers and 55 percent of both Upstate and suburban residents standing behind reform.

Survey results from Siena are available here.

The detailed press release from Siena can also be found below:

Siena Research Institute Release May 20, 2013

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