New Brennan Center for Justice Report on Public Financing and Constituent Engagement in New York City

The Brennan Center for Justice has released a report on the impact of New York City’s public financing program on constituent engagement.  The report, “The Constituent-Engagement Effect of Small Donor Public Financing: A Statistical Comparison of City Council (2017) and State Assembly (2018) Fundraising in New York City,” shows that publicly-financed candidates in the New York City system attracted more donors from the candidate’s district and raised a greater portion of their funds from both in-district and small donors.  As the authors observe, “The policy serves to amplify the voices of regular New Yorkers, brings a greater diversity of donors to participate in a critical part of the democratic process, and encourages candidates to spend more time and raise more of their campaign support from within the districts they seek to represent.”

Source: Brennan Center for Justice

Date: September 9, 2019

See full story here.

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